Project Description

Religious Liturgical Objects


The second pair of Bema doors, formerly in the Velimezis-Makris-Margaritis Collections, today in the Collection of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, has painted decoration, wood-carved finial in the form of an ogee arch and an astragal with vegetal ornament. It is classed in type Δ, and indeed in the rare variation Δ1.
In organization and style, the bema door is similar to works in mainland Greece and the wider region of the Balkans. Despite the extensive damage, the pair of bema doors is of interest because it points to a painter with well-grounded education who was active in Greece during the eighteenth century, while it adds one further work to the rare variation that it follows.

Andromachi Katselaki
PhD, Archaeologist,Head of the Department of Educational Programmes and Communication,
Directorate of Museums, Ministry of Culture and Sports
Μember of the Collaborating Educational
Personnel of the Hellenic Open University

Bema doors with representation of the Annunciation.

Wood carvedegg tempera, 2nd half of 17th c.

108 x 70 cm

(donation no. 136)

TEMPLON. Holy figures, invisible gates of faith. 20th and 21st century, Ίδρυμα Αικατερίνης Λασκαρίδη, Aθήνα 2017, page 258 (A. Katselaki)